Pipeline Tools

Discovering and eliminating repeititive tasks in a pipeline is one of my specialities. Over the course of the past several films, I’ve created tools that sped up the work of our artists, helped to obtain easier approvals, and redesigned the crowds pipeline to make us stronger for future shows. I also serve as an interface between the crowds group and other departments, and lead regular efforts to streamline how we work together. In between production peaks, I give training lessons to new staffers and to industry veterans that wish to learn new parts of the production process.


For the past several years I’ve served as the senior Crowds Technical Director and have guided several pipeline upgrades and new technology adoptions, such as a fully automated retargetting pipeline and customizable render tools. Externally, I serve as a troubleshooter to help avoid costly production slowdowns whenever a problem shows up. My crowds shot work includes active and passive behaviors in bipeds, quadrupeds, furry characters and vehicles, with a scope that ranges from five agents to tens of thousands of agents on screen at the same time.

Character Simulation

My early work in film began with a focus on garments and character simulation effects for cloth, rigid bodies, and hair. Even as an intern I was creating specs and workflow guides for teams that needed clothing but had no pipeline in place to handle those callouts. Once out of school, my time became focused on intense production shot work, and over the course of several films I was responsible for the simulation of armor sets, layered garments, boat lines, villain capes, complex equipment rigs, and full body human garments/tailoring during production.

Game Technology

I am the team’s local evangelist for game technology, and regularly keep up to date on the latest tech advances to see what we can learn from and absorb into our pipeline. Even as a student I focused my thesis paper on the potential benefits of game technology as a film production tool. I’m also a hobbyist developer and have experimented with small experiences on mobile, PC, and VR. I’m currently developing a treeless dialogue tool for the Unity game engine to assist in creating engaging non-linear narratives.